About Us

We are all they have.

We have our family and friends but our little buddies only have us. As pet owners, we always feel that we can do more for our pets. So apart from keeping them alive, we also want to take care of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing too!

We realised that during Covid-19, due to lockdown and work-from-home situations, many households started to buy and adopt dogs (and other pets). However, now that everyone is back to office, dogs can often be left at home alone for long hours resulting in them having 'separation anxiety' from their owners. We aim to bring in interactive toys to keep our furbabies stimulated! However, please never substitute long walks and cuddles with this!

Having 3 dogs of our own and always having to hop around to find the most suitable food and products for our little ones, our family decided to start a retail e-commerce shop in Singapore to sell high-quality dog food and products that we have tried and tested.