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Cloudy Slow Feeder (Cream)

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Premium Quality Assurance: Crafted with Germany’s highest-grade silicone, our Cloudy Slow Feeder proudly holds LFGB certification and FDA approval. Your pet’s safety is our top priority, and this feeder ensures the highest standards in quality and durability.

Food-Grade Reassurance: Made entirely of food-grade silicone, this feeder provides not just reassurance but also usability. Trust in the purity of materials, as it adds a layer of safety to your pet’s dining experience.

Aid in Digestion with Slow Feeding: Designed to reduce the speed of eating, our Cloudy Slow Feeder is a solution for fast eaters. By slowing down mealtime, it minimizes the risk of choking and promotes healthier digestion for your furry friend.

Easy to Wash: The soft silicone construction makes cleaning a breeze. Maintain hygiene effortlessly as the Cloudy Slow Feeder is easily washable, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free pet dining experience.






Food Grade Silicone (BPA free)

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