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Happy Day Party Card

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Best birthday gift for your canine companion! This interactive toy is not just a card; it's an exciting treat-hunting adventure. The colourful card design sets the celebratory mood, while hidden compartments and pockets inside hold delicious surprises. But that's not all – the Happy Day Nosework Party Card also features a crinkly texture that adds an extra layer of sensory fun. As your dog explores and sniffs around, they'll be delighted by the enticing sound and embark on a thrilling search for their favourite treats. Designed for interactive play, this toy stimulates your pup's natural instincts, providing mental stimulation and entertainment. Make your dog's birthday truly special with the Crinkle Surprise Birthday Card Toy – a unique and engaging gift that combines the joy of a card with the excitement of a treat-filled adventure.



Snack Pocket


6cm x 11cm


Polyester Cotton, PVC

Usage & Care Instructions

Handwash with cold water.

Supervise your dog during play.
Keep the toy away from dog when not in use.
Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.

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