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My Little Animal Friends

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Introducing "My Little Animal Friends," the ultimate companions for your beloved fur kids! With absolutely adorable elephant, puppy, and rabbit designs, these toys are bound to bring endless joy. Equipped with playful squeakers and crinkly ears, they provide interactive fun for your pets. What sets these toys apart is the underpants removal feature, allowing you to hide treats inside, turning playtime into a thrilling treat-discovery journey. Watch as your furry friends engage their instincts and intelligence to reveal the hidden surprises, keeping them mentally stimulated and entertained. "My Little Animal Friends" are not just toys; they are loyal playmates that will bring happiness and excitement to your pet's life.


Snack Pocket


13 x 10cm


Polyester Cotton, PVC

Usage & Care Instructions

Supervise your dog during play.
Keep the toy away from dog when not in use.
Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.

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