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Bite Me

My Sibling Nosework Toy

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A truly engaging and heartwarming toy for your furry companion. This product features an adorable dog plush with an additional blanket that comes with nose pockets, perfect for hiding treats. Wrap the blanket around your dog, and watch as they use their wit and wiggling skills to uncover the hidden goodies. The interactive play not only keeps them entertained but also provides mental stimulation and rewards their problem-solving abilities. With its charming design and treat-seeking adventure, this toy captures precious moments as your dog carries "another dog" with them. Give your pet the joy they deserve and make playtime extra special with this adorable and fun-filled toy!


Snack Pocket


Plush: 15 x 9cm
Wrap (including string): 122x 19cm


Polyester Cotton, PVC

Usage & Care Instructions

Handwash with cold water.

Supervise your dog during play.
Keep the toy away from dog when not in use.
Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.

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